Best Dessert Options for Wedding Receptions

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When planning your wedding, one of the most delicious parts is deciding on a wedding cake! However, many new brides and grooms have opted for something a little bit less traditional. These days, there are so many different wedding cake alternatives to choose from. The Deco Catering has highlighted some of the most popular dessert options today. Maybe one of these will be the sweetest part of your big day!


Frosted and sprinkled, cream-filled, maple bacon, you name it! These are no longer just a breakfast treat. You can have the icing and sprinkles match the colors of your wedding or offer an assortment of doughnuts that your guests will love. These would make a great addition to an after-dinner coffee bar as well.

Cake Pops

If you’re still a big fan of wedding cake but looking to go a bolder route, cake pops are a great option. These aren’t just great desserts for a wedding reception – they are also easy to eat and can make beautiful displays! You can even have different cake flavors this way and aren’t just limited to one.

Dessert Shooters

Nothing says party time like shooters – and dessert shooters will undoubtedly sweeten up the festivities! These can be made from many different, popular desserts such as apple crisp, strawberry shortcake, or Mississippi mud pie. These are also an excellent way for people to sample many different tastes.


S’mores aren’t just for camping trips anymore! They also make wonderful and memorable wedding reception desserts. You can even set up little s’mores stations so your guests can make their creations and toast the marshmallows to their liking.

Milk and Cookies

Feel like a kid again with warm cookies and a cold glass of milk for each of your guests. Order an assortment of delicious cookies and set up a whole cookie bar! This will be a hit with both kids and grownups alike.

And if all these sound too delectable and you have a hard time deciding on one, you can always have a whole dessert bar! A long table holding a variety of desserts is sure to be a hit with your guests as each person will be able to find something sweet that they’ll be sure to enjoy.

The Deco Catering’s incredible in-house pastry chefs can create the most mouthwatering desserts for you and your wedding guests. If you’re looking for a dessert table for your wedding reception, contact The Deco Catering today!

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