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Minimum order is 36 pieces per appetizer.

Bite-Sized Beef Pasties
A northern Minnesota classic. Delicate bite-sized pastry filled with pork, beef, rutabaga, carrots, onions and potatoes. $3.25 each

Mini Sliders
Your choice of fried chicken, sweet chili BBQ, or California. $3.5 each

Phyllo triangles filled with spinach, onions and feta cheese. $2.5 each

Apricot Brie Puffs
Bite-sized puff pastry filled with warm brie and apricot chutney. $3.5 each

Marinated roma tomato and fresh basil on a crostini with parmesan cheese and reduced balsamic. $2.5 each

Your choice of BBQ: $2 each or Swedish: $2.5 each

Chicken Empanadas
Spicy chicken filling with a delicate pastry dough. $3 each

Mushroom Phyllo
$2.5 each

Stuffed Red Potatoes
Roasted red potatoes filled with our signature dill sauce and topped with capers. $2.5 each

Salmon Cakes
Seared mini fish cakes with dill sour cream and capers. $3.5 each

Bacon-Wrapped Chorizo Stuffed Dates
$2.5 each

Chicken Skewers
Served with sweet chili sauce. $3 each

Sundried Tomato Tapenade Bruschetta
$2.5 each

Shrimp Bruschetta
Jalapeño cream cheese, shrimp, chives, and queso fresco. $3.5 each

Wasabi Tuna Wontons
Seared ahi tuna with wasabi aioli and micro greens on a crispy wonton. $4 each

Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms
$3.5 each

Cajun Shrimp Croistini
$4.5 each

Open-Faced Canapes

Cucumber Dill Havarti: Cucumber, havarti cheese, dill cream cheese, grape tomato, and a sprig of fresh parsley. $3 each.

Beef Tenderloin: Sliced beef tenderloin, horseradish, cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, and cream cheese. $4.5 each

Lox Salmon: Smoked salmon, rye bread, dill, and dill cream cheese. $4.5 each

Catering Entrées

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul & surrounding areas

Entrées include bread and butter, chef’s choice seasonal vegetable, choice of starch, and choice of green salad. Upgrade to a premium Deco buffet including a tiered fruit display, baked brie with fresh berries, and a deli salad for $2 per person.


New York Strip
$43 plated/$38 buffet

Braised Beef Brisket With BBQ
$42 plated/$37 buffet

Beef Short Ribs
Served with a cabernet cremini sauce.
$44 plated/$39 buffet

Beef Tenderloin Filet
Served medium rare topped with basil butter.
$46 plated/$41 buffet


Roasted Pork Tenderloin
Marinated pork tenderloin topped with a port wine and fig demi-glace.
$36 plated/$31 buffet


Champagne Chicken
Roasted airline chicken breast smothered in a champagne cream sauce.
$40 plated/$35 buffet

Wild Rice Stuffed Chicken Breast
Sliced chicken breast with savory wild rice stuffing topped with white wine sauce.
$37 plated/$32 buffet

Mandarin Glazed Chicken
Brined and herb-rubbed airline chicken breast topped with a mandarin glaze.
$40 plated/$35 buffet

Herb Roasted Chicken
Roasted airline chicken breast in a garlic lemon jus.
$39 plated/$36 buffet


Mango Salsa Salmon
$43 plated/$38 buffet

Crusted Walleye with Lemon Aioli
$43 plated/$38 buffet

Roasted Salmon Fillet  
Atlantic salmon with lemon pepper and served with dill sauce.
$41 plated/$36 buffet

Herbed Seabass
Marinated seabass topped with red pepper coulis.
$45 plated/$40 buffet


Stuffed Squash
Stuffed with rice, cheese, peppers, onions, and golden raisins cooked under tender. Topped with parmesan cheese and reduced balsamic.
$37 plated/$32 buffet

Stuffed Portobello
Stuffed with rice, cheese, peppers, onions, and golden raisins cooked under tender. Topped with parmesan cheese and reduced balsamic.
$37 plated/$32 buffet

Roasted Vegetable Pasta
Cremini mushrooms, zucchini, summer squash, red peppers and trottole noodles in a roasted garlic cream sauce.
$37 plated/$32 buffet


Deco Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
Deco Rice Pilaf
Wild Rice Pilaf
Boiled Dill Potatoes
Roasted Root Vegetable Mash


Herb Cream Cheese
Sundried Tomato
Roasted Eggplant
Whipped Herb Butter

Salads Catering

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul & surrounding areas

Salads are included in Plated Meals, and Buffet Pricing. Bulk salads are also available.

Green Salads

Garden Salad
Romaine, spring mix, broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers, red onions, roma tomatoes and white balsamic dressing.

Beet Salad
Roasted golden beets, goat cheese, candied pecans, red onions, and white balsamic vinaigrette.

A classic Caesar salad, with a parmesan cheese and creamy garlic parmesan dressing.

Summer Berry and Mixed Greens
Seasonal berries, bleu cheese, maple roasted walnuts, and raspberry vinaigrette.

Mixed greens, with kalamata olives, cucumbers, feta cheese, tomatoes, red onion, and creamy oregano dressing.

Apple Pecan and Mixed Greens
Cinnamon roasted apples, cheddar cheese, and candied pecans with mixed greens and apple cider vinaigrette.

Poached Pear and Cranberry Salad
Mixed greens, tart cranberries, craisins, bleu cheese, candied walnuts, sliced poached pear, and raspberry vinaigrette.

Strawberry Spinach Feta Salad
Strawberries, pecans, and feta with red and green onions, spinach, with spring mix and poppy seed dressing.

Deco Deli Salads

$3 per person

  • Caprese Pasta Salad
  • Crispy Thai
  • Cucumber Dill
  • Vegetable Pasta
  • Wild Rice and Cranberry

$4 per person

  • Mediterranean Quinoa
  • New Potatoes with Capers and Onions
  • Scandinavian Pea Salad
  • Shaved Brussels Sprout
  • Tomato Basil Mozzarella
  • Tortellini

Dessert Catering

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul & surrounding areas

At Deco, all of our pastries and desserts are created by our fabulous in-house pastry chefs.


Lemon Bars $24 per dozen

Brown Butter Cookies $26 per dozen

Sugar Cookies $26 per dozen

Lemon Frosting Cookies $26 per dozen

Raspberry Sandwich Cookies $30 per dozen

Chocolate Macaroons $26 per dozen

Plain Macaroons $24 per dozen

Rugelach $26 per dozen

Cheesecake Bites with fresh Berries $28 per dozen

Almond Kringle $20 per dozen

Flourless Chocolate Bites $36 per dozen

Walnut Brownies $36 per dozen

Shooters $48 per dozen
Strawberry Shortcake
Key Lime
Mississippi Mud Pie
Apple Crisp

Tartlets $38 per dozen
Passion Fruit
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Chocolate Mousse


Tiered Round Wedding Cakes
Plain with bottom borders. Please speak with your sales manager about pricing for specialty cake designs.
2 tiers: 10” and 8” (serves 70) $280
3 tiers: 10” 8” and 6” (serves 80) $320
4 tiers: 12” 10” 8” and 6” (serves 130) $520
5 tiers: 14” 12” 10” 8” and 6” (serves 210) $840

Single Cake Sizes For Custom Designs
Portions based on standard wedding cake cutting slices.
6” cake (serves 10) $40
9” cake (serves 35) $140
12” cake (serves 56) $224 Sheet Cakes
Quarter Sheet (feeds 25) $56
Half Sheet (feeds 50) $112
Full Sheet (feeds 100) $224

Cupcakes $36 per dozen

Cake Pops Starting at $30 per dozen.


  • Helsinki: Our famous Scandinavian cake! Layers of raspberries, whipped cream, sponge cake, and chocolate mousse.
  • Chocolate Cake with Fudge Filling and Vanilla Swiss Buttercream
  • Vanilla-Almond Cake with Vanilla Cream Filling and Vanilla-Almond Swiss Buttercream
  • Marble Cake with Chocolate Mousse Filling and Vanilla Swiss Buttercream
  • Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Mousse and Cream Cheese Swiss Buttercream
  • Lemon Cake with Almond Buttercream
  • Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Mousse and White Chocolate Swiss Buttercream

Raspberry or strawberry filling for vanilla and lemon cake available. Ask your sales manager for details.

Late-Night Snacks

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul & surrounding areas

Build-Your-Own Bars

Nacho Bar
Tortilla chips served with your choice of seasoned ground beef or southwest chicken. Toppings include cheese sauce, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. $10 per person

Mac ‘N’ Cheese Bar
Campanelle pasta with homemade cheese sauce, bacon, Keilbasa sausage, green onions, shredded cheddar or pepper jack cheese, and tomatoes.
$9 per person

Donut Bar
Cake donuts and donut holes served with three varieties of frosting, and an assortment of toppings. $10 per person

Other Items

One-Topping Pizza
We’ve partnered with the best pizza in town! Large, legendary Green Mill pizza. Available in cheese, pepperoni, or sausage. $18.5 per pizza

Pretzel Bites And Beer Cheese
Soft pretzel bites tossed in butter and served with beer cheese sauce. $4.5 per person

Looking for something else? We’d love to customize a late-night snack for you!

Brunch Catering

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul & surrounding areas

French Toast Bake
Sourdough loaf, coconut milk, vanilla extract, brown sugar and spices. Topped with fresh blueberries and pecans. $175 serves 24

Choice of raspberry with chocolate, morning glory, blueberry lemon, or poppy seed. $32 per dozen

Choice of berry, spinach parmesan, or chocolate chip. $32 per dozen

Bagels & Cream Cheese
$42 per dozen

Fresh Fruit Platter
$125 serves 25

Fruit, Yogurt, and Granola Buffet
Choice of yogurt, with seasonal fruit, and Deco’s famous signature granola. $8 per person

In-house cured Atlantic salmon served with red onions, capers, and dill. $160 serves 40

Ham and Cheddar Quiche
$42 serves 12

Mushroom, Parmesan, And Spinach Quiche
$42 serves 12

Crepes Station
Served with seasonal berries and whipped cream. $6 per person

Whole Poached Salmon
With dill sauce. $325 serves 80

Gourmet Box Lunches

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul & surrounding areas


Sandwich box lunches come with choice of green salad or Caesar, and choice of brown-butter or chocolate chip cookie.

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich
Baguette with grilled zucchini, red pepper, red onion, goat cheese, spinach, and reduced balsamic. $13.95

Classic Ham Sandwich
Ham, cheddar cheese, onion, bibb lettuce, and grainy mustard aioli on sourdough. $13.95

Egg Salad Sandwich
Egg salad, fresh dill, and bibb lettuce on sourdough. $13.95

Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich
Curry chicken salad with golden raisins, almonds, and bibb lettuce on a croissant. $15.95

Classic Tuna Salad Sandwich
Tuna salad, celery, red pepper, white onion, fresh dill, mayo, and bibb lettuce on multigrain. $13.95

Classic Turkey Sandwich
Sriracha mayo, mozzarella, bibb lettuce, and roma tomatoes on a baguette. $13.95


Salads are served with bread and butter, and choice of brown-butter or chocolate chip cookie.

Garden Salad With Chicken
Shredded romaine lettuce, spring mix, cucumber, roma tomatoes, red pepper, red onion, broccoli, and cauliflower with grilled chicken breast and choice of dressing. $14.95

Greek Salad With Chicken
Shredded romaine lettuce, spring mix, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, cucumber, roma tomatoes, and red onion with grilled chicken breast and oregano vinaigrette. $14.95

Executive Lunches

Executive box lunches are served with choice of green salad, Caesar, seasonal fruit salad, or Mediterranean quinoa salad, and choice of brown-butter or chocolate chip cookie.

Executive Turkey Sandwich
Basil aioli, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese on sourdough bread $14.95

Executive Sliced Tenderloin
Roasted sliced tenderloin, dijon, butter, bibb lettuce, roma tomatoes, and onions on a baguette. $20.95

Executive Roasted Salmon
Bibb lettuce, shaved red onion, tomato, and lemon pepper salmon on a baguette with dill dressing on the side. $18.95

Additional Offerings

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul & surrounding areas

Charcuterie Tray
A selection of cured meat, gourmet cheese, dried fruits, olives, and nuts with our housemade crostini. $325 serves 50

Gourmet Cheese Platter
Brie, cheddar, manchego, gorgonzola, seasonal fruit, and assorted crackers. $300 serves 50

Baked Brie With Fresh Berries
A Deco must! Brie with raspberry jam wrapped and baked in pastry dough garnished with seasonal berries. $150 serves 50

Artisan Bread With Spread
Served with butter and choice of one spread. $150 serves 50

Deco’s Signature Soups
Choose from: Chicken Wild Rice, Butternut Squash, Tomato Basil, Split Pea, Sauerkraut, Chicken Vegetable, and Carrot Ginger. $4 per person / Also available in quarts

Build-Your-Own Slider Station
Your choice of three: beef, grilled chicken, Asian pork, or veggie patties. $15 per person

Baked Salmon with Dill Sauce
Baked salmon with creamy dill sauce. $150 serves 25

Tiered Fruit Display
Our beautiful display adds color and height. $225 serves 75

Fresh Vegetable Tray with Dip
Seasonal raw vegetables with dill dip. $150 serves 50

Roasted Vegetable Platter
Vegetables selected by seasonality. Can contain: carrots, squash, asparagus, peppers, parsnips, portobellos, red onions, zucchini, and summer squash. $200 serves 50

Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Platter
Slices of medium rare beef tenderloin served with a creamy horseradish sauce with egg buns. $250 serves 25

Taco Buffet
Ground beef or seasoned chicken with refried beans, Spanish rice, tortilla chips, soft shells, pico, black olives, cheddar cheese, onions, jalapeños, guacamole and sour cream. 1 meat: $23 per person  2 meat: $25 per person

Pasta Buffet
Campanelle pasta, meatballs, chicken parmesan, roasted vegetables, and shredded parmesan with your choice of two sauces: Bolognese, marinara, or roasted garlic cream. Served with caesar salad and breadsticks. $28 per person

Serving Minneapolis


While there are many catering companies in the Twin Cities, the Deco Catering stands out for our unique menu. Way back in the 1980s, we set out to build a special catering menu that captures the imagination of chefs worldwide. Our menu has continued to evolve over time, featuring new and exciting dishes inspired by international cuisine. Today, we offer a huge variety of dishes as well as custom-themed menus to suit any event.


with Love

At Deco Catering, we can handle any kind of wedding, corporate event or other celebration. We offer both plated meals and buffets. We also have plenty of appetizers and desserts that are ideal for passing around the room. We will work with you to create a dining experience that your guests will love. From our brunch to our plated Roasted Salmon Fillet, you are sure to find the right mix of foods to captivate the taste buds of your guests.

At Deco Catering, we pride ourselves on making all of our food in-house, even our baked goods. Whenever you order from Deco Catering you know that your meals were handcrafted especially for you by our chefs. We also make tasty Helsinki cakes and flourless chocolate tortes and specialty cakes in our kitchen.

If you’re planning a special event, please contact us today at 612-623-4477 or email us at to speak with our catering team and learn more about how we can serve you and your guests.

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