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Family reunion catering is about much more than just satisfying appetites. Bringing family together is akin to weaving memories that will last a lifetime. Stories will be passed down through generations as the most important people in your life come together to enjoy an ever-deeper sense of bonding. As your loved ones’ shared presence is truly priceless, your family gathering catering services must be just as unforgettable.

Just as your reunion will nourish the soul, the right catering specialist provides all the food and drinks that will keep your entourage comfortable and enjoying their time together. Deco Catering proudly presents our comprehensive family reunion catering services in the Twin Cities and surrounding area.

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What Makes an Exceptional Family Gathering Catering Experience?

People come together to be with one another at family gatherings, often from far away, making it important to commit to spending time together as a unit. We know home cooking is unparalleled, but how will you enjoy everyone’s presence if your attention is focused in the kitchen?

By hiring a catering professional for your family reunion, you’ll be able to make the most of this time with your family members. Enjoy being relaxed and undistracted, and fully present to soak in conversations with each person in attendance.

The food and refreshments enjoyed will be as memorable as the stories and laughter you and your family will share. The beautiful space will energize your gathering for hours of nostalgically remembering those formative years with your loved ones. Mouthwatering dishes, hors d’oeuvres, and libations will accompany your event and the exceptional service will ensure everything runs smoothly.


Family Reunion Catering Menu Options

Deco Catering offers an exceptional range of menu options for any event. With family events, guests often request a wide assortment of options that range from casual fare to the most decadent sensations. If it’s not on our menu, we will work with you to create a customized selection that will perfectly fit your event and guests’ taste.

Our family gathering catering services have often generated great fanfare with our fresh-baked goods, satisfying buffets, and thoughtfully plated dishes influenced by international cuisine. Deco Catering can even satisfy those with a sweet tooth with our trademark cakes, tortes, and other deluxe dessert items.

We also provide full beverage services, from non-alcoholic options to a fully stocked bar with top shelf and premium selections. Your guests can enjoy all types of refreshing beverages that will also complement the dinner menu.

Our Family Reunion & Gathering Catering Services

We’ve become the Twin Cities’ top-rated catering company because we spare no detail in ensuring our clients experience the finest foods and services. From the moment your family enters the event to their departure, you’ll have everything needed to enjoy the moments in life that matter most.

For your next indoor or outdoor family gathering event, you can depend on Deco Catering — just as our past clients have over the years.

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Deco Catering: Bringing Your Family Together with Delicious Food and Professional Service

Pull out all the stops to ensure tales of your family’s special occasion will be passed down through generations. Hiring the most renowned catering company with expertise in your special event allows your entire family to sit back and revel in each other’s company — just how it was meant to be.

For decades, Deco Catering has been dutifully supporting the widest variety of special events in the Twin Cities area. We’ve earned exceptional marks from a long list of satisfied clients for our unique and delicious menu and top-notch service.

Reach out today, and inform our experienced event planners and talented chefs of your family reunion catering need(s) — because nothing delights us more than leaving our clientele fully satisfied.


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