3 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Entrees

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Wedding planning comes with the inevitable stress and an overwhelming to-do list. From the venue to the music, to the food there are so many never-ending decisions to make!

Wedding food can get a bad rep, especially with couples agonizing over the menu. To ensure the best entrees are chosen, use the following tips:


Establish A Budget

Food and drink are a significant part of the wedding experience, and all entree options differ in prices. Establishing a per-person budget helps you decide whether you want the standard chicken/fish option or if you want to explore other options that fit your price point. Deco Catering is extraordinarily helpful in guiding you towards which entrees fit in your catering budget while also offering a wonderful culinary experience.


Offer Different Options

Entrees are a great time to wow your guests while also appealing to a range of tastes. Keep it simple yet tasteful so as to not blow your budget and know that your guests will be happy no matter what types of entrees you chose. This includes more popular food options that you know are general crowd-pleasers while also having different options to cater to guests with dietary restrictions.


Schedule A Taste Testing  

Having a tasting helps you visualize the presentation specifics and serving logistics and also ask for menu tweaks. Sample a few different entree choices that will help you decide on which one you like best.

In the end, it is a nice relief to be able to count on your catering team to deliver a delicious menu and not stress over our food selection and continue with the wedding planning. For a phenomenal experience for any couple in the Twin Cities area, contact us for all your catering needs.