5 Flowers that Work Best for Events

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At the heart of all great event decor are the flowers that transform it from an everyday venue to a magical masterpiece. Flowers are one of the most important aspects of the event look and feel, and that is why it is important to be picky about your selection. Need a little more guidance? No worries, we have got you covered. Check out the five flowers that work best for events below:


Gorgeous, yet affordable, hydrangeas offer texture and a variety of gorgeous colors to add to your event. Have them floating in bowls, blended in bouquets, or mixed in with the centerpieces. No matter how you choose to use hydrangeas, they’ll add a light, yet impactful touch to your flower displays.


Romantic, hearty, and traditional, you cannot go wrong with roses. Roses hold up well in large flower installations and pack a big punch when it comes to visual impact. Choose a variety of colors or stick to just one. Whether you use rose petals to line paths or for a big hanging floral chandelier, roses always bring the wow factor.


These huge blooms will make your event look like a million bucks. They pair well with eucalyptus leaves, ranunculus, anemones, and lisianthus, and look gorgeous at just about any event. From galas to weddings, peonies are bound to be a hit.


Want to add an air of sophistication? Choose orchids as one of your main flowers. Orchids allow you to choose from a wide variety of both domestic and foreign breeds and will wow your guests. Plus, they can stay in bloom for weeks if cared for properly.


A classic spring staple, tulips add color and a unique petal shape to your displays. Whether used on food display tables or as centerpieces, tulips will make your guests feel right at home.

To complement your gorgeous flowers, you’ll want to have food that’s just as delicious as the floral arrangements look. That is where one of the best catering companies in Minneapolis has to offer comes in. Deco Catering is one of the event caterers Minneapolis has that offers many unique and delicious dishes.

We are happy to work with your floral vendors to create an experience that your guests will not soon forget. Give us a call to start planning an event you will not soon forget.