Catering Lunch Ideas for the Office

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Headed to a corporate event soon? Well, you are in luck! We all know that the best part of any event is the food, and corporate get-togethers are no exception. So, whether you are going to a big convention or a small employee party, here are the foods that you’ll want to make a mad dash for:



Most company brunches will have fruit and muffins, and while those are great starters, you’ll want to make sure to make it to the main event. Keep your eyes open for crepes, quiches, and poached salmon to ensure that you get a brunch that is out of the ordinary. These foods are not only tasty, but they will also keep you fuller longer, which means you will be able to focus during your event.



If you are served a typical corporate lunch, you will most likely be served sandwiches or salads, which can actually be a really great thing! Look for sandwiches served on freshly made baguettes or thick sourdough and salads that are bursting with fresh produce. Also, be sure to ask the staff what the ‘crowd favorites’ are.

Many catering companies have specialty sandwiches like sliced tenderloin or roasted salmon, so do not miss out on your chance to try something new (and delicious).



Dinner is possibly the most exciting option at any event because it usually offers multiple courses along with a variety of different options. If you can, try each appetizer as there are often delicious options such as bruschetta, sliders, stuffed mushrooms, and more. If the entrees are being served buffet style, stay moderate on each dish so you can enjoy them all. However, if it is plated, you will have to choose between different options beforehand. The most common options are beef, chicken, fish, pork, or vegetarian. In this case, go with your favorite dish to maximize your enjoyment of the whole meal.



Dessert is the sweetest part of the entire meal. To make the most of it, try going with the catering company’s signature dessert as this typically means it’s a crowd-pleaser.

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