Planning a Celebration of Life Checklist

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Coming to terms with the fact that a loved one will not be in our lives anymore is difficult to overcome. Funerals can often add to the trauma for many, who have difficulty being engulfed in a mourning atmosphere.


A Celebration of life is an alternative to experiencing a somber mood. Instead, it focuses on celebrating the lived experience of our loved ones, and the impact they’ve left on the lives of others. Planning the event with a professional celebration of life checklist enables us to have a better memory for our loved ones. Read on to learn how to honor your departed loved one with a celebration of life event.


What is a Celebration of Life?


A celebration of life is a memorial event held by family and friends to honor the life of a loved one, enabling them to have closure and begin the healing process.


Contrary to conventional funerals, celebration of life events tend to be less formal and in a happy mood. They also focus on character, personality, and the impact the deceased made, allowing friends and family to express the happiness and joy the deceased brought to others while alive.


The celebration of life events may vary depending on the wishes of our loved ones, hobbies, and personalities. This is because many events tend to have planned activities for those celebrating the departed loved ones.


Planning a Celebration of Life

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This Celebration of Life checklist shares similar steps to those for planning a funeral. Most elements and considerations are the same, but a simple change in mindset can make all the difference. Here’s a list of celebration of life ideas you’ll need to consider while planning:


Venue Selection


Various factors can determine the venue of a celebration of life. You can choose an indoor venue if you don’t have a long list of expected visitors. Alternatively, you can decide on a beautiful outdoor space that was special to your loved one, such as a community spot or nature spot where they spent a lot of time.


You can also check in with invited friends and family who live out of town to find the most convenient location for them. Be sure the selected venue has all the necessary amenities to provide a joyous mood for celebrating a well-lived life.


Guest List


Most funeral services are open to the public, but celebrations of life often comprise a smaller number of guests who had a strong connection with the deceased. You may not know everyone on the invite list, but it is crucial to include anyone whom your loved one was important to. Make a list of everyone you think would want to be there and set it aside. You can add more names before the event.




Once you’ve prepared the guest list, you must notify those you have included by sending invitations. You can choose physical cards, text messages, or emails. You should include the obituary and a photo on the invitations, and include the location, time, and instructions to RSVP.


Program Creation


A successful celebration of life requires adequate program preparation and execution. Plan what activities, speeches, slideshows, and photos will be shown. Having a preplanned program allows you to consider all elements for the event that would help family and friends through the grieving process and remind them to celebrate the times they were able to share with the deceased.


Another important aspect of this is catering and beverages. You could create a menu of the deceased’s favorite meals or cater directly to your guests’ choices. Plan how to keep attendees engaged with activities and socialization.


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Memorialization Speeches


Most of the time, family, and friends will express the desire to make presentations at the celebration of life. These speeches sometimes include a slideshow of images or videos depicting their lost loved one with people who were important to them. Sharing happy memories of those who have passed is one of the best ways to celebrate their life and legacy.


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