The 7 Best Catering Desserts For Your Next Event

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Updated 2/14/2020

Dessert. It is the perfect ending (or beginning or middle) to any event. Whether you are celebrating a 50th birthday with family and friends or are having a large corporate retreat, you will definitely want some kind of sweet treat to feed your guests. Having a difficult time narrowing down your dessert table? Here are seven desserts that are always appreciated:


1. Tartlets

Cute and perfectly portioned, tartlets add both a visually appealing and taste bud tingling aspect to your table. Not only are they beautiful and yummy, but they also have a variety of different flavors to choose from. Everything from decadent chocolate mousse to tart raspberry. No matter who your guests are, they are bound to love tartlets.


2. Sugar Cookies

A dessert classic, you cannot go wrong with sugar cookies. Especially when they are frosted to perfection. Take one bite, and you will enjoy the nostalgia that comes with the beautifully delicious flavor of sugar cookies.


3. Cake

Chocolate, vanilla, lemon…it does not matter. The fact is, a cake is an event staple for a reason. It is pretty, flavorful, and generally a crowd-pleaser. You will not regret serving cake at your event.


4. Cheesecake

When served with berries, you can never go wrong with cheesecake! Especially when your cheesecake is served in bite-sized form. Pick this dessert, and you will win every time!


5. Macaroons

The coconutty goodness that is a macaroon is something to be enjoyed. Select these semi-fancy desserts, and your guests are sure to thank you. In fact, we are confident they will be all that people will be talking about.


6. Brownies

Most people love a good chocolatey dessert. That is where an enormous pan of brownies comes in. Make sure your guests get their chocolate fix with chocolate-walnut brownies.


7. Shooters

These perfectly portioned desserts are an event favorite for a reason. They have just the right blend of ingredients – perfectly ratioed for optimal tastiness. From key lime shooters to apple crisp ones, shooters are the perfect occasion treat.

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