A Guide To Dessert Catering

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No matter if it is served at the end of a delicious meal or if it is the star of the show, dessert catering is an excellent addition to any event. Dessert catering is easy to customize to fit the theme and budget of your event and is a way to make your event your own. Plus, sweet treats appeal to a wide variety of palettes. In addition, dessert catering gives your guests something to look forward to at your event and can add a splash of richness and color to your food table. If you are looking for a top-tier caterer in the Twin Cities area, Deco Catering is a selectable option. With our excellent service, chef-made treats, and a wide variety of options, you really can’t go wrong with anyone (or several) of our desserts. We are sure of it!

Dessert Catering in the Twin Cities

Gorgeous cakes, rich cheesecake bites, and fruit tartlets are just a few of the mouth-watering options Deco Catering has to offer. We take pride in all of our menu options, and our desserts are no exception. These beautiful items are not only showstoppers in terms of looks, but they are also delicious and will have your guests coming back for more. Dessert catering can take weddings, corporate retreats, and other special events from ‘okay’ to ‘amazing’ in just one bite. As we all know, good food is a transformative element at any event and desserts are no exception to this rule. When you use Deco Catering for your catering needs, you can trust that the desserts at your event will be a ‘ten.’

Decadent desserts are the way to just about everyone’s heart, and that is why having dessert catering at your next event will definitely be a hit. At Deco Catering, we offer outstanding dessert (and more!) catering for just about any event you could imagine. All of our special treats are made in-house by our incredibly talented pastry chefs and have been tested and perfected. Whether you are looking for special event catering in Minneapolis or wedding catering in St. Paul, we know that our desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Deco Catering

When you use Deco Catering, you’ll have the ability to make a gorgeous display of assorted desserts. From macaroons and cookies to tiered cakes or Helsinki cakes, the dessert combinations are virtually endless. Contact us today to get started on planning your indulgent dessert menu today! We can’t wait to make your event a delicious day to remember.