Best Dessert Catering for Weddings

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Are you and your fiancé looking for the best dessert ideas for wedding reception? Deco Catering has been making memorable wedding receptions for hundreds of couples since 1982. We have the best wedding dessert ideas to energize your guests on the dance floor.

Our dessert catering for weddings and event planning services in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas have been widely reviewed and raved about. 

Read on to find out how we can help make your big day special.


Deco’s Available Dessert Options

For years, cakes have been the traditional dessert for wedding receptions. But other exciting dessert treats can make your wedding extra memorable.

Choose from our unique in-house options that conjure up a mix of celebration and intimacy – or work with our in-house pastry chef to create the perfect menu for your big day. 

To stir up your imagination, here are just a handful of desserts for wedding receptions you could explore to create that unique experience for your guests:



Cookies can make excellent dessert alternatives for your wedding reception. Forgo the formality of forks and knives and eat with your hands! Cookies make dessert fun and are oh so satisfying to your taste buds. They can capture your vibe without trying too hard. Let Deco Catering roll and bake your heart’s content into the most delightful cookies.



Reports that the traditional wedding cake is slowly fading away in wedding receptions are wildly exaggerated. Over the years, our in-house pastry chefs have rescued the wedding cake from its status as a ceremonial white elephant to what it ought to be: a delightful wedding dessert.

We make tasty Helsinki cakes, flourless chocolate tortes, and specialty cakes right inside our kitchen.


Bite-Sized Options

Are you looking for a variety of delicious bite-size options to kick-start your celebrations? We have a wide variety of options on our menu! One of the unique aspects of our catering service is that we work with you to create the perfect dining experience. 

No time to come up with a menu? Draw from our expertise and vast experience. We can put together some of the best desserts for wedding receptions you can pass around the room to keep the vibe going. Just give us an idea of your style of event, and we’ll go into our specialty kitchen to bake up the perfect mix of bite-sized options to excite even the most sophisticated palates.


Our other wedding dessert ideas include:

  • Dessert Shooters: Can’t make up your mind? Our dessert shooters are prepared in various flavors and are the perfect size, so feel free to indulge in one or two flavors or try them all!
  • Tartlets: These single-serving size tarts are the epitome of a delicious bite that you and your guests will definitely enjoy. 
  • Macaroons: These sweet coconut flake cookies are the perfect mouthful of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They’re so delicious you won’t be able to stop at one.


Why Deco Catering?

Let Deco Catering make and bake the most delicious sweet treats for your big day. Our specialty Scandinavian-inspired cake and customizable options will free you from the creative constraints of your local bakery or the regular wedding dessert catering providers.

Our expertise includes the following:


Event planning 

We are not just an ordinary catering service provider. We go the extra mile to help plan your event. With over 10,000 events in the bag, we are more than experienced in delivering the perfect event for you. It doesn’t matter how complex your wedding plans are; we can confidently handle them.


Wedding Catering

With over 30 years of catering experience, we understand deeply the importance of cultural considerations, venue variability, flexibility, decorum, and other factors that will make your reception memorable.

Experience counts, and you absolutely don’t want to gamble with your big day. The Deco Catering guarantees exceptional wedding dessert catering services for receptions of any size or complexity.


Let Us Make Your Big Day Sweeter and More Memorable 

Whether it’s a hometown celebration or a destination wedding, you want to make your big day stand out from the throngs of wedding receptions your guests have attended.

With Deco Catering, we’ve served thousands of home and corporate catering events and wedding receptions in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Let’s make your wedding reception an epic celebration your guests will talk about for years to come.

Contact us  today to book our expert dessert catering services. 


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