Creating A Wedding Catering Menu Everyone Will Enjoy

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Your wedding is going to be one of the biggest days of your life – and your guests are going to have a big appetite to match! Planning out the wedding menu is one of the most important parts of the planning process. And you may have found some great wedding catering in Minneapolis, but you’ve still got to narrow down your options and choose from a variety of mouthwatering courses, dishes, and desserts.

Here are a few things to consider when creating a wedding menu every guest at your wedding will enjoy:

Make it personal. Think about you and your future spouse’s favorite dishes. Maybe you’re regulars at a nearby restaurant. Perhaps you had a magical first date with excellent Italian food. Think of all the good times and the tasty dishes that went with them–we’ll bet that you can think of something special and delicious!

Keep it seasonal. What time of year are you planning on getting married? Think about what types of fruits and veggies will be in season at the time. That can help lead to some great decision making when it comes to sides or desserts. This can also come in handy when selecting which wines to keep fully stocked at the bar.

Consider any dietary needs. You’ll want as many of your guests to enjoy the meal as possible. That’s why it can be considerate to ask those guests who have RSVP’d if they have any special dietary restrictions to pass along to your catering company. Providing a vegetarian or gluten-free option for your spouse’s cousin could help you win big points with the new in-laws!

Presentation is everything. Hey, some dishes make for a great Instagram photo–and there’s nothing wrong with that! The caterer will likely be able to create some fancy dishes with some beautiful accents on the plate. If you find yourself truly torn between two delectable dishes, why not choose the more aesthetically pleasing option?

Take a chance. Sometimes you just have a gut feeling. Or maybe you’re just a big fan of mashed potatoes. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when making the menu decision with your Twin Cities catering company. Save some of the stress and go with your first instinct! A happy couple means happy guests and a great time for all.

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