Planning The Food For A Corporate Parties


Corporate events, they can either be a great experience for attendees or just a big headache. One of the biggest differences between events that knock it out of the park and events that strikeout is the food provided by the hosts. Nutritious food fuels people, meals bring them together, and great cuisine keeps them coming back to your event year after year. Getting your event catered takes the stress off of you as the event planner and makes it so you can provide your attendees with an experience they won’t forget. That’s why catering companies like Deco Catering exist, to take your event from good to great!

Professionalism at Deco Catering

Having your event catered makes your event feel classy, streamlined, and appropriate. Caterers can help plan the perfect meal for your specific event. Whether you need a casual buffet meal for 500 or a formal sit down dinner for 50, caterers can provide you with everything you need to serve an unforgettable meal, all without you having to lift a finger.

Accommodating at Deco Catering

People have allergies, different preferences, and dietary restrictions. Those types of circumstances are no sweat for an experienced catering company. Simply gather your attendees’ information and preferences and a caterer will take care of the rest!

Lasting Impressions at Deco Catering

Serving unique, delicious food as Deco Catering offers will make your Corporate Events memorable and enjoyable for all of your guests to attend. Getting your food catered ensures that your meals and snacks will be served fresh, at the proper temperature, and in style.

Permits, Licenses, and Handling at Deco Catering

When you serve food, drinks, and alcohol, you’re required to have permits to ensure the food is being handled in safe and hygienic ways. With a catering company, you don’t have to worry about that! They already have the licenses necessary and can help you to determine if you need any further permits.

Skip the Clean Up

No need to worry about staying after the event to clean up! When you hire a professional catering company, they clean up the mess for you. No more picking up after your long hard day of work in nice dress clothes. This cleanup service will save you countless hours and a lot of exhaustion and frustration.

The corporate events Twin Cities companies host are in luck because Deco Catering Company is conveniently located in Minneapolis to help your corporate event dreams come true. Just visit our contact page to schedule a consultation.