Where to Start with Wedding Planning

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Are you recently engaged and are a little lost on where to start planning a wedding? A wedding occupies a special place in a person’s life. Therefore, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed when you begin your wedding planning journey. You are pressured to get every detail right so you don’t mess up such a momentous day.


Assuming you are stuck in the early planning stages, The Deco Catering has put together some tips for you. Read on to start your preparations off on the right foot!


Set a Wedding Budget

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Where do you start planning a wedding? Step one is setting a budget. The budget will help you make other decisions for the wedding, such as the choice of venue and the number of guests to invite.


When budgeting for your wedding, list all the expenses you’ll incur. These expenses include things like reception, catering, and wedding attire. Other costs you should plan for when budgeting include:


Entertainment Decorations
Photography and/or Videography Logistics
Officiant Fees Marriage License Fees
Wedding Cake Wedding Rings


After identifying all the expenses, estimate what you want to spend on them. You can get estimates from various online wedding platforms. Add up all the costs to get a rough figure of your wedding expenses.


Set Your Date and Book a Venue

Once you have set a budget, set a date for your wedding. Try to choose a date at least 12 months before the wedding. Such a time frame will give you enough time to coordinate the various aspects of your wedding.


Choosing an appropriate date can seem daunting at first. But you can simplify the process by considering a date with special significance in your life or that which falls on a holiday. Ensure the chosen wedding date is convenient for you and your guests.


The ideal date for a wedding could be:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Valentine’s Day
  • The anniversary of your first date
  • Traditionally important dates
  • Religious holidays
  • Significant seasons


Alongside setting your wedding date, find and book your venue early. The reason for this is that many popular venues are in high demand. You can easily miss these high-end venues if you wait to book a few months before your wedding date.


Hire Priority Wedding Vendors

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With your budget and wedding date set, book priority wedding service providers. Like the venue, reserve your vendors a few months before your wedding. Many reputable service providers are in high demand so make sure to get them committed for your wedding date before they’re booked.


While there are several vendors to prioritize, a good catering service provider should come first. These providers help serve delectable meals and drinks to elevate the overall atmosphere of your wedding while customizing your menu and experience for your theme or guest needs.


An ideal catering company should offer full-service catering that includes cocktail hour, dinner, desserts, late-night snacks, and bar service. This type of caterer will save you the hassle of hiring different catering companies to cover all your bases.


Other priority vendors to consider booking early for your wedding in Twin Cities area include:


  • Wedding planner. A wedding planner will guide you through the entire planning process. They’ll make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.
  • Officiant. An officiant will help you solemnize your union and ensure that your wedding vows are exchanged in a heartfelt manner.
  • Music/Entertainment. No wedding is complete without music. It entertains your guests and sets the rhythm for dancing and celebration.


Unforgettable Wedding Moments Start with Deco Catering

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