Tips for Staying Calm on Your Big Day

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Staying calm on your wedding day seems impossible. You’ve spent countless hours researching and booking the vendors, coordinating with your wedding party, and DIY-ing your centerpieces. There’s a lot riding on the big day and it’s not an easy task to not be worried or concerned. This day is important and we believe that you should be able to reap the rewards of your hard work by staying present and calm throughout the day.


We’ve been a part of a few thousand weddings and have worked with countless couples through the planning process. We’ve got some pro tips to help you stay relaxed on your wedding day.


Keep Perspective


The goal of your wedding day is to get… married! Remind yourself and your partner of this throughout your planning process to help remain focused on the goal at hand. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the minute details or stress about the small stuff. When it comes to your wedding day, your guests will not know that your flowers are more pastel than the deep pink that you hoped, or that the candles are taller than anticipated. Take a deep breath and remember that no matter what happens, you and the love of your life will be married and that’s what’s most important. Take this little piece of advice with you into your planning journey.


Plan Ahead

As caterers, planning is like a sport for us. We know from our experience that thorough planning is not just important, but crucial to any successful event. We also know that with a plan in place, there’s less to worry about because it’s all been accounted for.


Give yourself the same sense of confidence with a solid plan for your wedding day. This will help keep your stress levels low and the success of your event high. Reach out to your vendors to confirm details so you can be sure everyone is on the same page. Stay connected with those that are playing a part in your day and communicate their individual responsibility along with when and where they should be. A good vendor will understand your process and will happily keep you updated.


Lean On Your Coordinator

Whether you hired a wedding day coordinator or have a friend or family member that you can trust, lean on them to help you through the planning process and on the day of your wedding. Keep them in the loop on the vendors, décor, and pretty much everything that goes into wedding planning. Sharing the responsibility with someone will not only help them handle any last-minute hiccups but will also keep your stress levels low.


Hire Great Vendors (& Let Them Do Their Thing!)

The best way to stay cool, calm, and collected when planning your wedding day is to hire quality vendors. Putting your faith into an amateur that just started out in the biz could send your nerves through the roof. Why put yourself through that when you can rely on vendors that have years of experience, procedures and processes in place, and proven results? Plus, when you hire a quality vendor, you can trust that they will do their job with ease.


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