Catering for Christmas & Holiday Parties

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Are you looking for reliable catering for your holiday party celebration? DIY party planning is a hot trend, but even as you try to personalize the event or save cash, we’d suggest leaving some things to the professionals. Hiring a professional catering service is the best way to host a fantastic end-of-year get-together celebration. 

Deco Catering is the premier catering service for reliable Christmas party catering. Here is our guide on catering for holiday party services. 

Holiday Party Catering Services

It can be stressful for the host to arrange catering for a sizable event of any kind—let alone during the holiday season. If you are planning a holiday party in the Minneapolis or surrounding area, you’ll need a few things dialed in right from the start. 

You want to ensure that everything runs smoothly, that your guests enjoy themselves, and that your entire crowd of guests will eat the best food possible. Since nobody likes unwelcome surprises on their big day, don’t take too long deciding who to pick as your caterer, lest you miss out on the best services.

While starting to reserve venues and caterers for your event in advance may seem a bit daunting, setting up with Deco Catering in advance will be easy and to your advantage.

At Deco Catering, we understand the importance and quality of food and beverages at social gatherings. Here is why and how we stand out when providing catering for holiday parties. 

Why Holiday Catering is Important

Holiday catering fuels the social experience as people share good times and memories around beautiful meals. Moreover, if done right, expect your holiday catering to be the talk among your family, friends, and colleagues.

Unfortunately, planning your Christmas or other holiday event can be challenging without a reliable holiday party catering company. Handling the holiday party catering by yourself denies you an opportunity to interact with your party guests.  

Our holiday catering services allow you to relax, dine, and drink with your guests without worrying about the food and service experience.

Introducing the Deco Catering Menu

The Deco Catering Menu comprises an assortment of mouth-watering meal menu options, including;

  • Appetizers. Order from our selection of delicious appetizers for your holiday party catering. We prepare and serve over 20 types of appetizers, including beef pasties, meatballs, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and more!
  • Catering entrées. Order from our catering entrées which include a wide selection of tasty plates, with plentiful options including beef, chicken, fish, vegetarian meals, starches, and spreads. 
  • Late-night snacks. Keep the holiday party fun going late into the night with late-night snacks! Our late-night snack menu, which includes a build-your-own bar and an assortment of other bites, will keep your guests entertained and happy.
  • Dessert catering. Order from our selection of delicious desserts prepared by our in-house pastry chefs for your Minneapolis or St. Paul holiday party.
  • Brunch catering. Our brunch catering menu has a variety of options ranging from beverages such as coffee and mimosas to fresh fruit salads, muffins, quiche, and more.
  • Gourmet box lunches. Enjoy our selection of gourmet box lunches, including a wide range of salads, sandwiches, and executive lunches for your holiday celebration.

Order a selection of flavorful offerings, such as a tiered food display, Charcuterie tray, and more from our additional menu offerings

Add Beverage Services to Your Event

Beverages are at the heart of almost every social gathering and event. With the holidays fast approaching, you should make your event complete with a high-quality supply of delicious beverages. We offer full-service beverage catering alongside our tempting food menu.

Our beverage service options include:

  • Bar with Bartender
  • Bar Glassware
  • Both Setup and Clean Up
  • High-Brow Wine List
  • Soft Drinks
  • Top Shelf Liquor
  • Infused Water Station
  • Coffee Service

Add our beverage catering services for your holiday party celebration and keep your guests engaged at all times.

Holiday Party Catering Ideas for Everyone

Are you looking to personalize your Christmas party catering experience?

Some of the holiday party catering ideas to try include:

  • Traditional turkey dinners
  • Holiday finger foods
  • Christmas cookies
  • Festive cocktails
  • Soup and salad or sandwich buffet
  • Meatballs
  • Vegetarian holiday dinners

Regardless of the catering service you want for the coming holidays, a reliable company, such as Deco Catering, can customize your holiday party catering experience to meet your needs.

We also provide special event catering services in the Minneapolis and surrounding area, including graduation parties, retirement parties, weddings and more.

Time to Book Your Holiday Party Catering with Deco Catering

Hiring a caterer to handle the foods and beverages for you is ideal to keep you stress-free and free to have fun with your guests. Deco Catering can handle your catering for holiday party needs, regardless of the event or crowd size. 

Contact us for the best holiday party catering services.

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