What Type of Food Should You Serve At a Celebration of Life?

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The food to serve at a celebration of life depends on various factors: your family traditions, your culture, and where you live are a few of the things you’ll want to consider before ordering food for a memorial service.

In the Twin Cities, the tradition of coming together to share a meal and memories after the memorial service still applies. After all, there’s no better chance for people who have come to pay their respects to gather, share the stories of their loved ones, and support each other.

Food served during post-funeral receptions should be cost-effective, comforting, and enjoyable.

Funeral Reception Menu Ideas

Picking what to serve at your loved one’s celebration of life is never easy. But if you’re looking for funeral food menu ideas, you may consider the following:

1. Appetizers

If your funeral reception only comprises a small group, serving finger foods and appetizers can work great. Mini sliders, open-faced canapes, bruschetta options are excellent suggestions. Ask about our appetizers today!

2. Salads

It is important to ensure that your menu also caters to guests with dietary restrictions or personal preferences. Providing a variety of salad and vegetarian options on your reception menu is an excellent idea.

3. Entrées

If your event is large or if you would like to have a full meal together at your loved one’s memorial service, serving entrées is a great way to comfort and satisfy your guests.

We offer several entrée options for funeral catering, which include bread and butter, seasonal vegetables, choice of starch, and green salad. Our entrées are delicious and comforting, perfect for your loved one’s memorial service reception.

4. Trays and Platters

Every proper reception deserves delicious appetizer platters served before guests receive their entrées. The Deco Catering offers several trays and platters to help your reception be as welcoming as possible.

5. Desserts

Sending funeral reception guests home with something sweet is a kind gesture to end a celebration of life. We offer a wide variety of desserts like cakes and cookies to end your funeral reception service on a sweet note.

Funeral Reception Food Extras

  • Consider a buffet service if hosting a large group of guests. Classic buffet dishes can be home-style and more comforting types of foods. Plus, buffets can be more cost-effective.
  • Ensure your menu includes kid-friendly dishes — chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese are always winners.
  • Include one of your loved one’s favorite dishes. It’s an easy way to personalize the reception.
  • Hiring a caterer can prove to be a great idea during a trying time. They have the experience of catering memorial services and post-funeral receptions. Best part? Caterers can provide funeral reception menu suggestions, advice on the right amount of food, and adjust a funeral food menu to fit your budget.

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