How Much Does Wedding Catering Cost?

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Weddings, being special events in everyone’s life, need to be planned with great care and attention. Although it’s not a simple task, it can be done if you are well prepared for the job ahead of time. It is necessary to consider all aspects of your wedding catering service at the planning stage, including budgeting, menu selection, food preparation, and presentation. The wedding catering cost varies from one person to another depending on their experience level, expertise, and the type of services they offer.

What Does Wedding Catering Include?

The food, beverages and service at your wedding are the main components of wedding catering. Every caterer provides you with the available packages and prices to help you select your needs.

A great caterer will work with you from start to finish in planning your wedding catering, selecting or customizing a menu to fit your vision and executing high quality service on the day of. You should be confident in your caterer to provide the type of food and service planned and discussed in your meetings. With Deco Catering, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of throughout the entire process.

Factors Affecting Wedding Catering Cost

Every wedding caterer is different. The type of food, service, experience, ability to customize the menu and event size can range depending on the company. When choosing a wedding caterer, consider all of these variables:


Have an idea of the kind of food you would like to serve during your reception. But don’t hesitate to ask the caterers for suggestions. They should suggest dishes that match your theme, taste preferences and will showcase their strengths on the menu and most popular dishes.


Are you going to use a banquet hall? Or do you plan to hold the reception outdoors? This can affect cost due to the equipment and staffing needed to serve your event with quality. Make sure you know where you will host the ceremony and reception to get an accurate cost estimate.


How long has the catering company been in business? Do they have a positive reputation? Choose a catering company that has experience in wedding catering and that has a positive track record. A reliable, well-established catering company that has competitive pricing is a great sign.

Service Type

What style of service do you envision for your big day? Butler passed hors d’oeuvres, plated meals or a buffet? The menu items may vary in cost depending on the style of service you choose for your wedding.

Get An Affordable Wedding Catering Service Today

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