Best Food for Catering & Catering Ideas

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The sure-fire way to make your next event special is through catering. From a birthday to an office party, The Deco Catering can help you get as creative as you want with your next order. We have put together a few reasons why you should consider catering your next event and unique options, including some of our favorite combinations straight from our diverse, fresh menu that will get everyone excited.

Why Should You Cater Your Next Special Event?

  • A shared treat: It doesn’t matter the type of event or the size; there is no better way to bring people together, show your appreciation, or give a little boost to morale than through catered food! From office parties to graduations, a delicious meal is something everyone can look forward to.
  • No mess, No stress: No cooking means no cleanup! You’ll save time and be able to relax and enjoy the event without worrying about lingering messes. 
  • Diverse Options: When you choose The Deco Catering, you will be able to select from our diverse menu with options for everyone! You will be able to find something for your vegetarian guests or employees, even those that are gluten-free! (We will get into some of the most creative ways to order from our menu for your next event later.)
  • High Quality: Especially when ordering for a large group, you do not ever have to skimp on the quality in favor of quantity. We know that providing for many guests can be challenging; that is why you can rely on the chefs at The Deco Catering to hand-craft delicious meals for all.
  • Catering Saves Time: With catering, the food comes directly to you on-site. With all of the moving components of your event, having the convenience of food delivery means less time is wasted on making food decisions or picking up. Guests will enjoy that their meal is taken care of, and you can rest assured that our reliable, experienced staff can handle your large or small group catering order!

Time To Get Creative with Event Catering

Event catering is anything but basic. There are so many ways you can get creative and tailor your catered menu to your exact specifications. The Deco Catering has put together some of our favorite ideas to really make your next catered event stand out.

Build Your Own Bars

Guests love do-it-yourself, build-your-own bars. They are interactive and let’s face it, who doesn’t love creating the exact plate you want instead of getting stuck with what everyone else is having? This option tends to be popular because it’s so unique and fun. A build-your-own bar is perfect for your guests to get creative.

Slider Bar

The slider is a true classic, and The Deco Catering offers a variety of these fan-favorite sandwiches. Casual as a slider bar may seem, they can be pretty additions to your event. The options of toppings provide bursts of color on the table that make for an attention grabbing and appetizing meal.

Brunch Bar

Everyone loves brunch, and The Deco Catering has an array of options. There’s no better perk to a morning event than a pleasing assortment to wake everyone up and get them excited. From morning cocktails to breakfast favorite foods, you can have a unique and fun brunch bar to appeal to all your guests. 

Pick A Party Theme

With our diverse offering of appetizers and entrees, you can establish an overall theme with your selections! Choose a theme based around a type of food, holiday, decade, tv show, or really anything you can think of! Then build your menu around that idea. For example, you could have a renaissance themed party and have a decadent buffet arrangement. You could have a fiesta theme party and have Mexican inspired food for your event. The possibilities are endless!

Contact Minneapolis, MN Premier Special Event Caterers!

If you love these ideas, it’s time to contact The Deco Catering for your next special event. From a boozy brunch to a Mexican-themed fiesta, our staff will help you select the perfect menu for your guests. No matter the size of your party, we will gladly assist you. Deco Catering is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service, so sit back and let our dedicated experts serve your special event. Contact us to learn more about our menu, and see why The Deco Catering is Minnesota’s premier catering company!