What are Passed Appetizers?

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Are you looking to add a touch of class to your next event? Try adding passed appetizers to the menu. No other service type adds quite the excitement or enticement of passed appetizers. Your guests will love having a variety of bite-sized options to snack on, and you will love being everyone’s favorite host. So why does adding appetizers passed by the waitstaff take your event to the next level? Here are a few reasons:


It is not every day that people get to enjoy a variety of different delicious appetizer options while mingling with friends. People love the novelty of having hors d’oeuvres brought directly to them while they enjoy the event. Adding passed appetizers will give your guests something to be excited about.


From Meatballs to Stuffed Mushrooms and Bacon And Duck Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeños to Bruschetta, catering companies like Deco Catering make a wide variety of drool-worthy appetizers. No other part of the meal offers quite an expansive array of foods than appetizers, which is why they are a great way to start off the meal.

Break the Ice

Passed appetizers allow everyone to mix and mingle while they also stave off hunger before the main entrees are served. There is something about the way a little food (and maybe a little alcohol) can do to break the ice to help acquaintances become friends.

Enhance the Ambiance

We all know that passed appetizers are viewed as a classy way to serve food. Why not use that to your advantage and make it one of your go-to moves to up your event game? Everyone at your party will love it (including you!)

When it comes down to it, this type of food service is just the ticket you need to take your event from meh to amazing. If you want the best catering Minneapolis (and surrounding areas!) has to offer, hire us. Here at Deco Catering, we take pride in both the taste and look of our hors d’oeuvres as well as the presentation. Plus, our fantastic staff will ensure that we serve your bite-sized food with class. We know that food is the way to most people’s hearts, and that is why we put our hearts into everything we do. If you would like to hire us for your next event, inquire on our website. We cannot wait to help you take your event to the next level.