How To Plan A Holiday Corporate Event Catering Menu

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Planning the perfect holiday event doesn’t need to be stressful. Deco Catering has a proud history of providing the ideal atmosphere for the perfect party. With our wide variety of options, we are the best choice for corporate events in Minneapolis and have been since 1982.

Event Planning

The person in charge of the corporate holiday party has a great deal of responsibility. Deco Catering’s corporate events staff understands this and will be there to help every step of the way. They work alongside you to develop a budget, menu, and atmosphere that will have your guests remembering the event when the next corporate function rolls around. At Deco Catering, no event is too large or small for our personal touches.

What Deco Catering Offers

Deco Catering offers a variety of catering menus that are sure to meet the needs and budget of your group. Choose between plated and buffet-style meals and a variety of menu options from a casual brunch to a formal dinner. Deco Catering stands behind our food as well. Everything, including the baked goods, is prepared in-house. There are no surprises when working with Deco Catering.


Once you have decided on the food, the location is another consideration when planning a holiday event. Deco Catering’s long history of reliability enables them to work well with some of the most prestigious event locations in the area. If one of our favorite spots doesn’t work out for your company, let them know what you have in mind. We are flexible and are always up for a challenge.

Holiday Planning

Planning a corporate event for the holidays requires you to balance the fun and festive with professionalism. It is essential to keep in mind that this event, while enjoyable, is also a work function. Having a professional catering service in charge of the event allows you to relax and know that the food and drinks are taken care of to the highest degree.

To make planning your corporate holiday event as stress-free and successful as possible, start planning early. Contact Deco Catering and schedule a consultation. Venues fill up quickly around this time of year, and if you want the best selection, you’ll need to act fast.

Once you have a location nailed down, you can work with Deco Catering to determine the best menu for the event. We can explain the various price points for sit-down and buffet service, multiple drink options, and low-cost options. Working with Deco Catering is a sure way to make your corporate holiday function a winner.

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