Our Favorite Wedding Menu Trends

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Every engaged couple’s dream is to leave guests with a positive culinary experience from their wedding. However, attendees don’t always leave with great experiences. Many planners assume that the catering service ends with serving the main course.


At Deco Catering, we do wedding catering differently, a reason we have an excellent reputation. We use the following three wedding menu ideas to ensure your guests get a lasting experience from your special day.


Dining in Style: Innovative Service Options

buffet style appetizers


People have an inherent love for delicious food. However, beyond the flavors, the dining style plays a crucial role — it helps convert the simple act of eating into a memorable occasion.


On your wedding day, our service begins with setting an ambiance that complements your wedding theme. Afterward, we welcome guests warmly, ensuring they feel comfortable.


Our staff will then serve each guest with delicious dishes and drinks. Since every wedding is different, we have mastered various service styles, so we use the right one for your special day. Our favorite styles include:


  • Buffet Station. The buffet station serving style is ideal when catering to weddings in spacious ballrooms. This serving style allows guests to serve their favorite delicacies in their desired quantity.
  • Plated. A plated meal service is another favorite style for a wedding dinner. In this style, your guests remain seated as we serve them with individually plated dishes featuring our tasty bites with a Scandinavian flair. We use this style for elegant and formal weddings, where guests don’t prefer moving around.
    Grazing Table. We enjoy a grazing table serving style for bite-sized foods for casual, fun events. In this style, we arrange finger foods artfully on a table. Afterward, we let your guests graze at their leisure. It allows guests to socialize while enjoying a diverse array of flavors.
  • Butler-Passed Hors d’Oeuvres. The Butler-Passed Hors d’Oeuvres serving style is a great choice during cocktail hours. Our skilled servers circulate various appetizers on elegant platters. In turn, guests pick and savor a variety of tasty bites as they catch up with friends.

Midnight Munchies: Unforgettable Late-night Snacks

bite sized sliders


As the night progresses and the dance floor heats up, your guest will need a little boost to keep the energy going — a reason why late-night snacks are a popular choice to include on your wedding day.


From indulgent mini sliders to gourmet popcorn, we will make various snacks to re-energize your guests. These snacks provide the sustenance your guests need to keep dancing and celebrating until the wee hours.


Our caterers will serve these bites later in the evening when the festivities are in full swing. This strategic timing enables your guests to refuel, ensuring they have the energy to continue celebrating.


Cheers to Unforgettable Moments: Crafting the Perfect Bar

Glasses of champagne for an event


No wedding is complete without our beverage catering services. This is a pillar of the reception that provides guests with their preferred cocktail for toasts and is essential to any celebration.


Our bar service stands out for two reasons – an extensive range of drinks and trusted, professional serving staff. We serve high-brow wines, top-shelf liquor, coffee, and soft drinks. With our service, each guest will have an array of favorites to choose from.


The Deco Catering: Your Source for Unique and Innovative Wedding Menus

The Deco Catering is the best stop for a unique wedding menu. Our clients in the Twin Cities area love our distinct cuisines with a Scandinavian flair. These delicacies leave guests with fond memories to cherish for years.


We help clients with every process of wedding food preparation. From the initial menu planning to the final serving, we will handle every detail as if the wedding is ours.


Contact us to discover more wedding menu ideas to make your day extra special.